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E-commerce copywriting is an intricate art – grounded in consumer psychology.

Each word on your e-commerce website must be chosen carefully to push visitors to click that big beautiful “buy” button. The best copywriting for e-commerce educates, promotes, guides, and sells in a way that’s unique to your brand.

The Logo Design Lab’s talented team of e-commerce copywriters will give your website the creative boost to turn visits into revenue.

Why E-commerce Copywriting Matters?

Online customers are a fickle bunch.

The copy on your website must take on the roles of a sales associate, customer service rep, and brand ambassador. The e-commerce selling process is all about providing clear and concise value – with no gray areas.

Whether it’s product pages, categories, or your homepage, copywriting for e-commerce needs to grease the wheels of a seamless shopping experience. At the end of the day, success in online retail comes down to one thing: clarity.

No clarity in the copy, no sale.

Why Choose Us for E-Commerce Copywriting?

The Logo Design Lab’s talented crew of writers are not newbies to the e-commerce copywriting process.

Each writer is trained in the finer details of online salesmanship, psychological triggers, and of course, conversion-focused writing.

Our battle-tested process is designed to understand what makes your customers tick and highlight your extraordinary value. Stop giving cuts to Amazon and let us turn your online store into a cash cow!

SEO-Friendly E-Commerce Pages

E-commerce sales and SEO go hand-in-hand.

E-commerce website copy should be as influential to search engines as it is to humans. Each page must be naturally written with SEO components to target customers with transactional intent.

Our writers and SEO specialists will create copy that attracts interest organically – and nurtures it into cash.

The Logo Design Lab
E-Commerce Copywriting Process




The Logo Design Lab projects all start with a conversation. This is when we’ll meet the players, establish workflows, go over expectations, and set the course for how this e-commerce copywriting project will play out.


The Brief

Before any fingers hit the keyboard, we need to understand your online business. Our copywriting team will send you a brief with 15 questions to determine your brand’s personality, target customers, goals, and more. This information plays a central role in our e-commerce copywriting process.



Regardless of what industry you come from, each project involves a deep dive into the industry, competitor analysis, and SEO. Using the brief as our guide, this research process will form the technical foundation of the project.


Understand Your Customers

No one can write copy for an e-commerce website without a firm understanding of the perfect customer. We don’t cut corners in going the extra mile to clarify your most valuable customers, your undesirable ones, and how we can build copy that sparks the buying process.


Creating The Copy

It’s finally time to write! Our writers will begin creating e-commerce copy that is clear, direct, and persuasive to visitors. For the first couple pages, we’ll take it slow and be in close communication with you to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.



Before a draft makes it to your eyes, we’ll take it through a series of internal proofs from our senior editors and SEO specialists. Each draft undergoes multiple reviews to ensure its high-quality and 100 percent up to par.


Your Feedback

Once we deem the content “approved”, you’ll have the opportunity to review it and be honest in your feedback. We always want to grow and improve, and your input helps us do just that!



Each page of copy can be subjected to two revisions. Try to be as thorough and detailed as possible. We’re happy to go through your notes line-by-line.


Full Transparency

We take extra steps to make sure our clients stay in the loop throughout copywriting projects. We’ll keep a shared spreadsheet and make sure it’s consistently updated so you know exactly where we are on the project. We’re always available to chat if you need to clarify anything.


Finishing Up

This is the final step before launch day. We’ll take the time to clear up any last-minute questions or concerns to make sure everything is in order. Our writers and SEO specialists will then do a final pass to ensure all pages have been delivered/approved.


High Fives!

The project has come to a happy end and you’re psyched with the copywriting! Now is the time for you to provide your overall feedback on the project – this is how we continuously improve our operation.

Experience Writing in Many Industries

We write killer copy that converts. Our writing services will turn your website into a tool that garners more interest and revenue – all with the use of expert writing, SEO planning, and execution.

Here are some of the industries we’ve written website copy in:
Digital marketing
Business development
Home improvement
Senior living

Want To Know More (FAQ)?

Yes. The Logo Design Lab’s copywriters and editors are based in the United States. All pieces of website copy are written/edited by native speakers.
Yes. All The Logo Design Lab writers are trained in white hat SEO writing practices. No keyword stuffing, unnatural language, or duplicate copy.
This depends on how long/detailed the page is. You can generally expect to receive a 300-400-word page with a day or less turnaround.
You get two rounds of revisions per page. If you need more than that, we might need to re-examine the brief.
We want you to be involved in the project as much as possible – but you can be as involved as you want. For the first couple pages, we’ll request more frequent check-ins to ensure we’re moving in the right direction.

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