Scale Up Your Shopify Development Business with White Label Partnership

Are your Shopify development needs growing? Increase your bandwidth and scale your agency fast with the help of an established white label Shopify development agency.

Hassle Free Outsourcing

Outsourcing Shopify development services is a big decision, we get it. You need an expert who knows the platform inside-out and functions like a member of your in-house team. That’s why our business model allows you to hire a dedicated Shopify developer.

Key Features Of Our White Label Partnership

Dedicated Shopify Developers: A Developer That Works With You – And Only You

Over A Decade Of Shopify Experience.

Communicate With Your Developer On Your Favorite Project Management Platform.

On-Time Delivery And Consistent Project Reporting.

Custom Pricing Available.

How Does it Work?

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Let us help you expand your bandwidth for Shopify development. We’ve helped hundreds of agencies scale their business with our white label Shopify development services – and we’re here to help you, too!

Our Shopify Web Development Services

Do you want to build a one-of-a-kind eCommerce store from scratch for your client(s)?

As a leading white label Shopify development agency, The Logo Design Lab maintains a team of fully qualified and highly
experienced designers and developers. We can build online stores from the ground up and manage all
the backend responsibilities. Our expertise includes (but is not limited to):

Shopify Development On Online Store 2.0

Do your client(s) need more Online Store 2.0 based developments?

Designed to provide both merchants and developers with higher performance and ease of use, Online Store 2.0 is proving to be a game-changer. The good news is you can take full advantage of this massive update with our white label Shopify development services. And most importantly, you get to leverage all the upcoming updates to their fullest if you partner with us.

Shopify Based ECommerce Store Design And Development

Do you want to build unique Shopify eCommerce
stores for your client(s)?

Designing a Shopify eCommerce store, no matter how small, can be a daunting task. But, with our white label Shopify development services it doesn’t have to be. Our experienced designers and developers will help you create eCommerce stores that make your client(s) stand apart from the clutter

Shopify Website Redesign

Do your client(s) need to revamp the outdated
look of their Shopify websites?

There is a lot of psychology involved in online shopping. Most of which doesn’t meet the naked eye. Our team of graphic and front-end designers is familiar with all the tricks and triggers to redesign the online store so that it actually gets people to buy!

Readymade Theme Integration And Shopify Theme Customization

Do you want to provide seamless theme
customization and integration to your client(s)?

Our developers provide precise and custom Shopify development and apps integrations to ensure your clients’ online store works at the highest capacity.

Shopify Scripts

Do your client(s) need custom Shopify
script development?

Our developers will help you create a custom script to meet the functionality your client(s) need.

Wholesale Functionality

Do your client(s) have products geared towards
different customers at different price points?

As a highly dedicated and experienced Shopify development agency, our team offers all-inclusive update and maintenance services for your website. Our support will enable you to stay up-to-date on amendments related to your platform’s layout, HTML/CSS alteration, feature enhancements, social media updates, and more.

Shopify Apps Integration

Do your client(s) need Shopify apps integration?
Or perhaps a custom functionality?

Given our white label Shopify development experience, whenever your client(s) need a custom requirement/functionality, we will identify the right app and integrate it seamlessly with their eCommerce store.

Shopify Plus –Enterprise ECommerce Store Design And Dev

Do your client(s) include growing retailers thinking
of opening an online store?

As a white label Shopify development agency, we help enterprises build performance-driven online stores. Our team makes sure your client(s) have an online store that embodies their brand value and provides a seamless shopping experience.

Platform Migration To Shopify

Do your client(s) need to switch an existing
eCommerce store over to Shopify?

The process of migrating all the precious business data is not always black and white. Our team of experts will find the most suitable migration tool based on your clients’ needs and will efficiently move the data into the Shopify system. We can transfer the domain as well, making sure your client(s) don’t lose their business after migration.

Shopify Store Maintenance And Support

Do your client(s) need to boost the performance
of their eCommerce store?

Operating an eCommerce store means collecting, storing, and safeguarding an array of sensitive data. Robust maintenance and support are necessary to protect it. As an experienced white label Shopify development agency, we offer all-inclusive update and maintenance services. Our support will help your client(s) to stay up-to-date on upgrades related to the platform’s layout, HTML/CSS alteration, feature enhancements, social media updates, and more.

Shopify Launchpad Setup

Do your client(s) need help configuring
Shopify Launchpad?

Although necessary, setting up Shopify Launchpad can be frustrating at times. But, you can always count on our white label Shopify development services to provide your client(s) with a hassle-free and quick Shopify launchpad setup. Our team of experts will take care of everything from product imports to settings configuration and more.

Shopify Store Speed Optimization And Core Web Vitals

Do your client(s) have stores that are in line with
the core web vitals?

Core Web Vitals can help improve speed and responsiveness of an eCommerce store across devices. We can help evaluate your clients’ entire website and provide optimization wherever needed. Basically, we will size up the overall performance of the online store through three core web vitals, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and First Input Delay (FID).

Experience With A Diverse Set Of
Shopify Themes

Out Of THe Sandbox

Experience with a Diverse Set
of Shopify Page Builders


Exceptional Hosting Services

Any website is only as good as the service that hosts it. Our WordPress experts make it a point to stay up-to-date on trends in web hosting to ensure every project translates to a seamless user experience.
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Why Choose Us

Our team brings time-tested experience with project management tools like ClickUp, Basecamp, Trello, Teamwork, Asana, Jira, and Monday.


To Give You A Better Idea, Here Are A Handful Of Our Latest Projects…

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Want To Know More (FAQ)?

A dedicated Shopify developer functions like a remote extension of your in-house team. With a dedicated developer, you get all the advantages of an in-house employee – without all the overheads like salaries, benefits, PTO, etc. You can hire a dedicated Shopify developer from The Logo Design Lab for a flat monthly fee depending on your development needs.
Our Shopify development tasks are done from 10AM to 7PM IST. However, as we work with agency clients all over the world, we can be flexible to have some overlap with your business hours.
Absolutely! You own ALL the rights to source code developed by our dedicated resources.
Nope. We do not have any minimum contract durations. You can change, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your contract within a 30-day timeframe.
You pay 100% of each contract’s billing cycle at the beginning of the month.
Yes. You will work with an experienced Shopify developer. No need to train them.

Your dedicated Shopify developer functions like a member of your in-house staff. Use them for however much Shopify work you need on either a full-time, part-time, or based on your requirement.

You can upgrade your plan whenever you need to – you just pay the difference.
You can assign as many tasks as your plan allows. Just be sure to set the priorities of all the tasks you assign.
Unfortunately, unused hours cannot be carried over into the following month.
You may track hours in your preferred PM tool. We’ll keep track in a shared Google spreadsheet as well.
No. Our developers’ skillset is limited to Shopify front-end and back-end development. Shopify app development is out of our wheelhouse.
For any more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team to schedule a call.

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