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Build brand trust, boost SEO, and ramp up your content game
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We Create “Ultimate” Guides

How many times have you clicked on a search result labeled “the ultimate guide to X”?

Clients don’t invest their time and money lightly.

When people have questions, they want answers from the most reliable sources. Users (and search engines) need to see that you understand your niche from top-to-bottom. Pillar content and expert level guides are the best way to do this.

We’re talking about 2,000-word ultimate guides that really dive into the depths of a topic. These are the assets that bring your on-site resource center to the next level and showcase your knowledge to the world.

What Guides Do for Your Brand

Inform the public of important information in your industry
Give your brand a sense of real credibility
Generate subscribers and leads
Build trust between your brand and the readers
Improve your SEO

Why Choose Our Guide Writing Services?

Our writers love to go the distance with content creation. Pillar posts and 10x content are where our meticulous bunch of creators and strategists shine the brightest.

The Logo Design Lab’s guide writing service is about more than just writing.

Our fool-proof process is designed to ensure your expert guide is all-inclusive, tailored for SEO, and crafted perfectly in your brand image. We pull no punches in making a guide your most valuable content asset.

Our Guide Writing Strategy



Understand The Purpose

An ultimate guide is only helpful when it serves a greater purpose. Whether that means growing your audience or educating people on an important topic, we’ll make sure your goal is ironed out first and foremost.


The Brief

Our time-tested content brief is a 15-point questionnaire designed to gauge your brand personality, values, goals, challenges, target customers, SEO opportunities, and how to create content that answers key questions. This brief lays the foundation for how we’ll build your content masterpiece.


Put In The Research

Guides are complex, long, and uncompromising. Our team will hit the floor running with intense research and competitive analyses. Even if you think your topic has been approached by other guides, we’ll make sure we cover new, intriguing aspects.


The Outline

Before we start cranking out the guide, we’ll develop a floor-to-ceiling outline detailing each section, our SEO game plan, and how we’ll add value to your target customers. We won’t start writing the guide until we have your blessing on the outline.


Create The Guide

It’s guide-production time! Our team of writers – all with serious backgrounds in journalism and SEO content production – will craft the ultimate guide in accordance with the outline to make your industry knowledge shine. All content is thoroughly vetted by our senior editors and SEO specialists before it’s presented to you.



Here’s where your voice comes in again. We want the guide to perfectly match your brand personality and objectives. This is your opportunity to make sure everything is properly aligned with your expectations. We’ll happily make any changes you see fit.


Monitor The Results

After your guide goes live, we’ll keep a close eye on how it performs. Understanding the guide’s analytics will help us steer your brand toward certain topics and content strategies in the future.


Build Up Backlinks

Our process doesn’t stop with guide creation. To deliver the full value, The Logo Design Lab’s team of SEO specialists will build up a backlink profile and give your guide the SEO boost it needs.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

We’ve dealt with dozens of different industries and know our way around the block. We’ll conduct enough research to create the perfect guide, regardless of whether you’re a yoga studio or a big tech firm.

Here are some of the industries we’ve worked with:
Digital marketing
Business development
Home improvement
Senior living

Want To Know More (FAQ)?

The short answer? Lots and lots of research. We take this part seriously – we’ll spend a great deal of time brainstorming original, interesting topics before we ever put pen to paper, so to say.
Yes! Graphics are what make a guide pop. We can certainly add a graphic designer to the project!
We use a combined effort of link building, guest posting, and topic clusters to promote your guide.
Yes. We can include link building and promotion in the original cost, or we can add this on after the guide is completed.
Each client receives two opportunities to go over everything in the guide to ensure it’s all up to par and what you envisioned.
We’ll track the analytics of the guide to show you how this content asset is impacting your brand.

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