Local SEO Is No Longer Optional For Small Businesses

The internet lives and breathes by the search engines. With increasing proliferation in areas like digital sophistication, mobile technology, and online review platforms, the importance of developing a local search presence has never been greater for small businesses.

Why Is Local SEO So Important?

Finding a reliable white label SEO partner shouldn’t feel like finding a needle in a haystack. And with Thr Logo Design Lab you DON’T have to! Our mission is to help agencies increase their SEO bandwidth – without the risk.

Google’s Newfound Love -

Google loves local businesses because they are highly specific and tend to attract immensely focused customers online.

Creates Local Connections And Partnerships

Local SEO helps get your name out in the area. In addition to gaining more customers, a strong local search presence helps you make meaningful connections and form highly beneficial partnerships.

Quickly Taps Into Your Target Customer

Local SEO can help you connect with new, existing, and potential customers who are looking specifically for your products or services and gain those precious conversions.

Boosts Online Credibility

Getting excellent business reviews helps to improve your integrity and trustworthiness in the eyes of the search engines.

Crucial For Mobile Traffic

One-third of all mobile searches are related to location, resulting in higher mobile traffic to your shop.

Mobile Is The New Yellow Pages

Local SEO can help you connect with new, existing, and potential customers who are looking specifically for your products or services and gain those precious conversions.
Our team is equipped to leverage all of these trends and help get maximum online visibility for your local business.

Strategic SEO Consulting for Local Businesses

At The Logo Design Lab, we provide extensive local SEO marketing services designed to translate into high-quality traffic, better lead generation, and increased profitability for small businesses.

Our battle-tested local SEO marketing services include:


Citation Audit and Cleanup

Don’t let a wrong phone number or an old address affect your local SEO rankings. Our expert team provides manual and consistent citation audit and clean up services to remove any inaccurate citations and replace them with correct ones. Our thorough research efforts will fix your NAP-W and improve listings in top business directories, ensuring an all-inclusive cleanup.


Citation Building

Our in-house experts know the fastest and easiest ways to manual citation building. We use reliable citation building tools to provide a radical boost to your local search ranking, and our triple-check policy ensures maximum accuracy.


Local SEO Audit

We offer both on-site and off-site local SEO audits. Our technical SEO audit covers five critical areas including links and authority, local listings, reviews and ratings, search rankings, and Google My Business. Our local SEO audit reports are intentionally made simple and to-the-point in order to avoid confusion.


On-Page SEO

Our optimization tactics cover all the critical on-page local SEO factors including on-site content, meta/title tags editing, and web design issues. Thus, your website gets optimal exposure to search engines.


Website Copywriting with Locally-Optimized Terms

For long-term local SEO success, our experienced copywriters will update your website content with local terms and keywords. The Logo Design Lab will handle your optimization needs from start to finish.


Google My Business Setup and Optimization

We not only claim businesses on Google, but optimize each Google My Business listing for maximum exposure. We make sure your listing is filled out completely with the correct information and that it remains up-to-date.


Local SEO Tracking and Reporting

Our team consistently tracks local organic rankings and converts the gathered intel into actionable insights. Our versatile experience, business intelligence, and advanced processes help provide relevant and updated local SEO reporting in a short timeframe. This enables you to easily keep close tabs on local SEO campaigns.


Getting More Reviews on Google

We encourage your customers to share their reviews on Google with the most ideal online marketing practices. Our team also uses the best approaches for following and maintaining valuable customer relationships.


Local SEO for Multi-Location Businesses

Got a brick-and-mortar business in multiple locations? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From creating location-specific pages to adding detailed information for a particular location on Google My Business, we will take care of everything.

Talk With Us.

Let us help you expand your bandwidth for Shopify development. We’ve helped hundreds of agencies scale their business with our white label Shopify development services – and we’re here to help you, too!

Industry-Specific Local SEO Services

The Logo Design Lab takes pride in providing highly-tailored SEO services based on your industry.

Local SEO For Lawyers

Whether you practice law in a metropolitan area or a small town, our law firm SEO services will help you get higher rankings in local searches. Your firm will become more visible to local clientele who are in need of your services.

Local SEO For Dentists

With our local Dental SEO, we help your clinic show up on Google whenever a patient needs quality dental care. Whether you are new to the profession or run a longstanding dental practice, we are here to assist you.

Local SEO For Plumbers

Most local plumbing businesses have websites, yet many lack the necessary plumbing SEO expertise to get good visibility. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in helping plumbing contractors get higher search rankings and more web traffic.

Local SEO For Restaurants

We have a unique restaurant SEO process in place, which is backed by years of hands-on experience. From a typical 24-hour diner to a high-end restaurant, anyone and everyone can benefit from our SEO services.

Local SEO For Small Businesses

Does your business belong to any of the above categories? No? Don’t worry. We can still craft a suitable local SEO strategy for your small business.

Why The Logo Design Lab ?

Each campaign is unique. We create highly customized, non-templated, and thoughtful campaigns based on your requirements, niche, or location.

We focus on providing slick, thorough, easy-to-understand, and transparent SEO reporting.

Everything we build is yours. From social media profiles and logins to the settings, everything is under your control and ownership.

Our comprehensive citation audit allows you to know what needs to be fixed to achieve local search supremacy.

As a professional SEO consulting company, we pride ourselves in offering robust and valuable citations. Our sole mission is to show Google that you mean business. So, we don’t entertain any spammy or blackhat SEO BS.

We create long-lasting local ranking strategies that look forward to the future, not just the present.

Our affordable local SEO services sync perfectly with any organic link building strategy.

We provide strategic local SEO consulting for local businesses at affordable rates.

White Label

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